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Panasonic DMR EX99VEBK 250GB Recorder Freeview Panasonic DMR-EX99

Panasonic DMR-EX99VEBK 250GB HDD DVD/VHS Recorder with Freeview+
Panasonic DMR-EX99VEBK 250GB HDD DVD/VHS Recorder with Freeview+

  • DVD/VHS combination recorder
  • 1080p Up-Conversion, Chroma Processor
  • VIERA Link - can link to other Panasonic VIERA products
  • Juke Box with gracenote, HD Photo Slideshow with Music
  • VHS Recording and Playback
  •

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    A Good Buy This is a recorder that is easy to set up and use. The manual is a bit wordy but all information is in there if you look for it. It might seem a bit expensive but is very versatile and will do all that it claims. I have salvaged several old VHS tapes without problem as well as transferring recorded material to disk.
    Video/dvd recorder This is an excellent piece of kit and I can not recommend it enough. It does all the things I want easily like recording and editing and I am not a technocrat. It does lots of other things too I expect but they are beyond me.
    Great buy Absolutely delighted with this item the dvd on my old combi had stopped working so after looking around at other combi's someone explained to me what the combi with the HDD and the freeview plus would do. It was worth the extra cost as I will save in the long run by not needing to have virgin or sky box. Would certainly recommend it it was easy to set up just plugged it in and it did the rest itself.
    best price
    Panasonic DMREX99VEBK 250GB HDD DVD/VHS Recorder with Freeview+ This product 'ticks all the boxes'. It is relatively easy to use and was quickly set up using the short form instructions. Before purchasing this unit I was entirely relying on Sky HD + for both watching and recording programmes and it wasn't my intention to use the Free View facilities on the Panasonic DVD Primarily because I live in a low signal area. Suprisingly the results using Free View is BETTER than Sky + so we've now got 'belt and braces'. I've also used the USB connection both from computer and DVD memory stick.As a qualified electronics engineer and someone who teaches radio communication I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this devise.
    Panasonic DMREX99VEBK Delivers The recorder came more quickly than expectedinstruction book was detailed and only in English thanks be!thorough instructions and with careful reading various functions were tested and it all worked very well.Navigating seemed sensible and logical but care was needed for making DVD's I have already made several DVD's from old Video cassettes even from smaller video cassettesfrom an older video camera via an adaptor full size cassette. I have also made a couple of DVD's from my Sony DVR IP 55E micro cassette recordings camera of 2004 vintage. Recording from the TV was a doddle and once again the navigating menus clearly separated what function was being accessed as long as I bothered to read which Navigator section I was in. There are temporary helpful messages on screen to remind the operator of what is going on. In short this recorder delivers it's raison d'etre.
    Panasonic DMREX99 I bought this for two reasons firstly because I needed a new VHS player. Secondly my grandparents had recently subscribed to SKY+hd and received a sky box with a built in hard drive recorder and I liked the idea of owning one myself. Not wanting to subscribe to sky I decided to get this instead and kill two birds with one stone.Firstly the VHS playerI find that few people here are actually paying much attention to the VHS bit so I thought I'd give it a proper review to those who wanted it. Well it's not the best VHS machine ever made but it does a pretty admirable job. Having 6 heads doesn't necessarily mean the best picture and often manufacturers add 6 heads to make up for other deficiencies in the system. However here playback is crisp vibrant and well detailed. Though I am disappointed not to see some of the more advanced VHS features like DNR Digital Noise Reduction or TBC Time Bass Corrector especially at this price. Though it is good to see full HiFi sound capability and SQPB so if like me and have an SVHS player you can still play all your SVHS tapes though only in normal VHS quality.
    A very good recorder though some reservations I bought this recorder to replace an old Sony analogue VHS recorder as we have now converted to digital TV incidentally the Panasonic machine will not work with analogue signals. The specification was all that I wanted and I am very satisfied with the quality of the recordings of video music and pictures.
    Pleased with this after a month of use! Very happy with recorder only had it for couple of months . . . but it seems perfect for now.I still have to transfer some old VHS camcorder movies to DVD yet so I will have to report any problem OR satisfaction afterwards.At the moment now I can record a TV programme whilst watching another now my son has connected a splitter to my aerial cableFreeview.

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